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ATV flip rack

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Iíve seen a few snowmobiles with a rear rack for hauling a one man flip. Anyone have the same setup for there ATV? Tired of bouncing my Kenai for miles towing it, would also be great in the back of the pickup.

Just ordered a hitch cargo carrier for my atv, will p9st pics when I get it attached

I built one out of 2x4's I had laying around. Works great for my fishtrap. ;)

Any pictures of your 2x4 fishtrap hauler?

I have been searching also. Everybody's pictures are gone so it makes it difficult to search. I am thinking of trying to build a bottom frame out of aluminum angle and bolting it to my rear rack. Then have 2 pieces shooting down from the back and connecting them to the hitch area for support.

I'm just trying to figure out how to get my clam and my quad in my short bed.

The shappell rack is not being made anymore and I don't think I'll find one.


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