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So we took a trip out to Stuart this morning to a farm pond of my buddy's friend, got on the ice about 8:30 AM or so, temp was about 25 degrees and about 10 mph winds, gusts up to 15. Honestly, not too bad a temperature even with the wind.

I started drilling holes across the dam area, being unfamiliar with the pond I assumed this would be the deepest spot, I later found out the pond was deepest in the middle. I'm currently flasherless as I sold my LX9 after deciding I wanted to downsize since I'm usually pretty mobile and didn't feel like hauling around a cinder block on the ice. Also, being primarily in Iowa the camera is pretty much useless with the water quality...

Shortly after locating some fish with the buddy's flasher I sat down and the first fish I pull was a slab of a crappie, 11" or so and nice and thick. Almost every drop for the next 15 min was a slab or a big hybrid gill, biggest of these was 9", looked like a cross between a green sunfish and a redear.

Shortly after I hooked into something solid, I'd been told there were some decent sized cats in the pond and I figured out shortly this was exactly what I had. After about a 5 minute fight and trying not to lose the tungsten I had on I got it in, this ended up being the first of several throughout the day.

At around 10 am the fishing died off and one of our group moved in shallow and ended up hooking up almost immediately. We all moved in and ended up finishing our day with a mess of gills to add to the crappies.

Overall we ended up with 26 crappies 10-12" and 9 gills average 9".

The highlight of my day though, was finding my sunglasses I'd lost over a year ago in one of the pockets of my bibs today, the fish were just icing on the cake. Looking forward to some fresh fish fried up this week!

Stay tuned, I'm sure there will be more stuff this season as is frozen fast and good.


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