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i guess i lost them last year toward the end of ice season. I just moved here last winter from Chicago and caught the tail end of ice season. I went out this past week to air everything out and get inventory and noticed they were all gone!!!

I'm that sucks...good luck

With the season underway, just a reminder to post up any items you find with a location for the person to private message you to verify themselves. Tight lines!

Lost my jig box this weekend at spirit lake somewhere just north of Templar. I know this is a long shot with the snow on the lakes but if someone finds it I will give you whatever you want (within reason) to get it back.

Clear plastic thin jig box with an 8 my bait sticker on it. Has 10-15 spoons on the bottom half and ~30 tungsten jigs on the top half.

Thanks in advanced!


--- Quote from: grizzwald660 on Jan 17, 2016, 05:04 AM ---Brushy Creek Lake: found flashlight. pm me to identify. grizz

--- End quote ---
still here. It has your name on it. Would like to get this back to you.


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