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Nova Scotia Ice Tournaments and Derbys 2012

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Only planing to go to the Fish lake one Feb. 19  this year seeing there all pretty much on the same weekend were not making the trip to Cape Breton at #20 Dam for the one on Feb.18
Anyone going to some tournaments and derbys this year?

I will be at fish lake on the 19 th for sure.I was going to go to catch the rainbow as well but it turns out that's my anniversary and if go my girl is going to shoot me or burn all my gear ,so I picked the pickerel derby(never hooked a pickerel on the ice)hopefully we will have good ice and great weather I'm pretty pumped to go .hopefully I will get a chance to prefish the lake once so I can get feel for it..cheers

ill be at the fish lake derby again this year hopefully not getting skunked :)
probably not gonna do any other ones

hardwater addict:
catch the rainbow forsure and if I stay down overnight maybe fish lake the next day as I have never been

Cheers on the Casa Tournament Win Grat!


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