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well cant take it.. my buddy went ice fishing on the ice in his boat... so i borrowed his boat and am heading out in the morning.. ;D

It works well, just make sure to take a long rope and tie off to a tree on the bank.  When you want to leave it is a lot less work to pull the boat back with the rope than to have to use an axe to pull your boat.  The last two times we were out we found the chines on the bottom of the hull had sunk into the ice, we stood up and rocked the boat to break it free.  Have fun, be safe.

northern fisher:
I was talking to my family over christmas and they were saying your still getting warm temps back home.Hope you get some ice soon
Good luck

caught 2 trout.. it was the first time i went ice fishing in a snow storm on a boat.... nothing like back home in Sask.. this province has weird fishing laws.. and I miss my ice fishing..

does anyone know how to post pictures up on this site??


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