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Hey Atv jumpers, hows it going ? The chains are Moose utility v-bars. It took about 10 minutes to install both sets. They have a hook on the inside and a fold over lock on the outside. We had a hard melt and a harder freeze up here a week ago. Nothing but glare ice here now. Hopeing there's enough in my tax return for 4 new
ITP AT mudder tires. I'll keep the chains in the rear box just in case. For 20 bucks they are great cheap insurance!

Its been another bad winter for DEEP snow here in North Dakota.... I sure am glad my wife broke down and let me get a Snobear last year ;D  If you dont have tracks you arent fishing again this winter up here.

wow that sno bear is wicked cool

got any more pics of that?? ;D ;D

nice fish too


My newest additions would be a Polaris RZR and Frabill Predator (pssst. don't tell my wife....lmao):

And my Green Sportsman (she knows about this one already):

Goodness I love ice fishing..... Summer is over rated!!

Doubles Shooter:
My new toy for this season.


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