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here's one of my rides   
Polaris 08 800 x2 

Here is what I use. A 125 Baja Storm 8.5hp. With screws in the tires.

We have a few,Most of them are made by polaris ;D 

And in honor of your screen name I give you my Oldest son's picture the SkiDoojumper  he wanted to try to jump the shanty and i finally had to put a stop to it.

that's awesome lol

but my screen name is for my company (atvjumpers) but i too like to fly in the air 

really like that pic.  looks like the snow exploded, man that's cool 

here she is

08 Polaris X2 500 Clam X2 and regular jet sled ( should have got the X2 sled to keep in stride)


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