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I got blanked at Spring Bay yesterday, and all my friends caught were tullibees.  I don't care, once the wind died down it was nice to be out there anyway.  We only saw a few other fishermen, and they were'nt staying in one spot at all so I guess it just wasn't a good day.  I'll probably go to Pelican Pte. on Friday and try get a few more dogs for one last feed, and then next week I'll maybe do an overnighter up at Spring Bay/Swansons to finish off the season with my pals.  The ice is right up to the nut on the hand auger and barely starting to get rotten on top so you could land a Hercules on Long Lake if you wanted to.  Makes me glad my friends have the motorized unit or it'd be 1 or 2 holes limit for me!

Thx Buzzbomb, I was begining to think  everyone feel in the lake! How is the snow, you got a few good dumps & it looks like it has been warm out there.
The point must be hopping these days, everyone looking for perch & dogs.
Later TJ

Yeah we should get this forum going because i am a ice fishing maniac i basically go everyday, and i fish quite a few lakes all over saskatchewan although i do have my favs that i like to stick with, but we should relaly get this going


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