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Any fishable ice in Baraga?

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I do not fish for Burbot, but I can tell you about the ice.  I've been regularly fishing from Squaw Beach south to the head of the bay by the Willow Tree off US-41.  The ice is plenty thick in that span of water, anywhere from a foot to 15 inches of solid ice.  That being said, no ice is safe ice, so if you are not familiar with the ice and area, make sure you go where others have obviously been or are.  Just 100 yards off of squaw beach and the water is very deep, well over 100 feet, maybe closer to 135.   Wish I could give you more info on the Burbot.  Maybe someone else can add to my post (or correct it if need be). 

Off Squaw beach is solid for burbot I hear, but I usually go behind the BP in 40 lay dead stuff on bottom let em eat. Been getting a lot of small ones not even worth trying to fillet there though.

Just a heads up I was at Sandpoint out at 200ft the Ice was solid but the shoreline was flooded and a bit sketchy coming back in. there's probably only a couple days left out deep at most


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