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I fish west bass quite a bit out in gwinn. Mainly for rainbows but a few times I got into some decent perch and panfish. Bit in the winter I can never find them! Can anyone help??

I donít know the lake but I do know you are very unlikely to catch them in the same location you do during the warmer months. The rainbows you may catch shallower during low light feeding times but the panfish Iíd go a little deeper, checking basins near structure or drop offs with some vegetation. Best strategy Iíve found for that type of ice fishing is moving around with a flasher until you find them schooled up. Sometimes itís a matter of feet.

i sight fish bows thru the ice but have never even seen a perch or panfish. we fish real shallow so maybe try deeper stuff out in the middle. i have seen people set up out deep many times

I have caught plenty of monster perch there just can't find them in the winter. I try all the sports I would on other lakes in terms of depths and it's tough. They must go deeper then expected due to the springs in the lake? Out on sand point I'll catch them in 80fow while.im whitefishing


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