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Every year I tend to make this post. But, I, and 2 brother in laws will be coming up to Michigan for my birthday. This year, its Otsego. Was just curious about the ice and if we should get a hotel or we can camp on the ice. I seen you folks had a warm up as well so we downsized to a 4 wheeler. This year has been crazy with weather so looking for locals to see if it plausible, or I should take a few more hours of drive time to be safe. Thank you in advance for any info!

Ronnie D:
There isn't any safe ice in the lower peninsula. It's been almost 50 the last 2 days. I've got friends in da upper that already pulled their hardsiders cause of da melt.
Better luck next year
Swift Tines

People all over Otsego lake got 4-6 of snow last night so probably gonna be sloppy

We were on a lake about an hour SE of the bridge over the weekend. 7" of rock
solid ice. Little sloppy on top from the recent snow but still good. Had the quads on it.

What lake was that? I'm planning to do some exploring this week.

Burt Lake had 7-8" of solid ice last night.


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