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Hey fellow ice warriors, has any been on the ice yet at Houghton Lake Michigan, seems heading north may be the best in search of safe ice, please advise if you have been there or have a solid source on ice conditions...

thanks a bunch!!! :tipup:

Plenty of people out on houghton, also cracks and thin ice so be careful but people are definitely going out there

Lots of reports of minimum of 6", most report 8-9.  North bay reported to be open or very thin

Ronnie D:
Fished da South & East launches a few times since x-mas. Plenty of safe ice w/ no snow cover , cleats are mandatory.

Coming out of Tipton, IN tomorrow, My wife and I are taking two of our grandsons for tomorrow evening and then all day Sunday. Any suggestions on place’s to park with access to decent fishing area’s? Thanks for any help!
Tight lines!


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