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--- Quote from: Iceassin on Feb 04, 2023, 11:57 AM ---Nice haul...and I don't blame ya'.  :%$#!:

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--- Quote from: smeltbuster on Feb 04, 2023, 10:38 AM ---Finally was able to get on some Smelt last night ! 420 for 3 of us. I had 155, Smelt jr. had 145 & his friend had 120. fast action for about an hour until we got spudded in. About 2"-3 1/2" of ice depending on where you are. I will no longer be sharing any locations or access areas of where I am fishing. Last night guys were trespassing to get where I was fishing. DNR has been notified. Sorry folks, but slobs keep ruining it & I am tired of it.

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I recall your post from last season and a similar scenario, very unfortunate. I have to ask the question thoughÖ

What do you expect when you post your catch here and to the smelt Facebook group of 5000+ members? Seems like being spudded in is self-inflicted with as much as you advertise the lake. Even if you donít post the location, all they have to do is look at the name of your flies to know where you fish ;D There are only two public access points and only a handful of spots to smelt fish when the north end isnít safe enough.

Obviously this is just my .02 and everybody appreciates how much youíve helped out on the lake. It just seems that posting in general (location or not) isnít doing you any favors when it comes to being spudded in.

I no longer post locations, a guy posted yesterday there was 4 inches of ice at a spot i intended on being at this morning, it was on some fb group not sure which... Either way there was 100 trucks at the spot which usually has around 20-30... And the spot i wound up going that usually has 40-50 trucks had maybe 20-30.... Either way, social media is a double edged sword, you wanna help people out, but not at the expense of your own experience


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