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So, we dont have ice, & probably wont for awhile. Last night I hooked up the "Toon" & went Smelt fishing! It was a solo trip. I started in 55 FOW & picked up a few  after it got dark. The wind came up & I started drifting.The anchors did not hold.The fish disappeared. I got the anchors to hold finally in 68'. The fish moved into the green light (2'down,center of the boat) & it was "Game on". I quit at 8:40. p.m. & ended the night w/ 104 smelt. Excellent considering what the wind was doing. I could have had more, had I stayed longer, but was happy w/ the results. Open water smelt is not easy. If the boat moves at all, it is tough to see the bite. Specific things about the trip: 58" Patriot super ultra light rod/ Eagle Claw Mag inline reel 4lb. mono mainline, 5 fly rig w/ Gull Lake Smelt Factory ice flies & a 9.4 g Kodiak jig on the bottom. Best flies were "Smeltbuster",KB Special & Glow Drake. White spikes for bait. Aluma Glo 4800 green light. Most fish were caught 15'-20' down. 8 doubles & 1 triple. I fished the north 1/3 of the lake. "Waypoint 18" on my Helix 5 ;D. The "Toon" is a 14' Playbouy w/ a 25 hp Tohatsu motor. The anchors are cinder blocks. Next time I will have 3. I was the only boat on this 2,050 acre lake ! If you want to try this, you need a night w/ no wind or a very light wind. When I left the house,it was sse @ 8mph. That was almost too much. I have had a few of these trips & the best we ever done was 115 between 2 guys, so this was a very good trip.

Way to make lemonade out of lemon weather Sir!

Great job SB! Did you put in at the park or Baseline? The shore ice just disappeared on LLL a couple days ago. Should freeze back up pretty quickly once we get a cold stretch.

I put in at Prairieville park. There are no docks in the water. I will be bringing waders next time. Someone tore Baseline up pretty good. Planning on a Sat. Nite trip (1/14), if the wind & temps cooperate.

A 2nd. trip Sat nite (1/14) was fun. We boated 89 smelt. When we ran in, we were breaking skim ice. Made quite a bit of noise.


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