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Delaware water gap becoming National Park??

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--- Quote from: ChillyH2O on Feb 22, 2022, 09:57 AM ---Categorizing as a “preserve”.  Sounds like a way of trying to get hunters to back off.  Hunting would be very limited or not at all.

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That’s exactly it. Way with words. If someone says they’ll let you hunt the “preserve” area aren’t they really saying you can’t hunt everywhere else? They’re taking area away. Giving us nothing.
I know guys on the inside said they could slowly make sections smaller and smaller too. It’s also limit areas the state could stock anything, maybe limit the type hunting. Say no hounds. I’ve heard they could consider the River the park. Than what about the waterfowl guys? Guys who hunt the islands? Bowfisherman. How bout the trappers? Guys please, sign and share. This is a big deal.



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