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I've been away this weekend. How did the ice hold up with the rain?

Havenít been on it but lots of guys out Saturday on little swartswood and some on big. Pre fishin for tourney today and guys on both ends of Aeroflex.  Seems like it held ok.  Be on some this afternoon I hope. 

Fished on small lake in southern Hunterdon today. Edges were sketchy and there were some large drain holes that had refrozen. The parts that were still white and raised from snow were about 6" the rest was about 4.

I live in pretty northern Jersey, Fri there were small ponds either open or full of water on top. Sunday the lake I fished was totally good, plenty of thick ice. Thinking itís gonna get questionable quickly though with the forecast this week. Got a few friends hitting a big impoundment today, I may or may not go.

I was out on Monday in North Jersey, just south of the water gap, ice was fine, solid 8-10 inches


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