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Worst injury on ice?

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--- Quote from: WARRIOR_ON_ICE on Oct 03, 2022, 06:12 AM ---The most serious blood-letting injury I sustained was while lifting a 33" pike through a hole. I do not own a gaff, rather I just slip 3 fingers under their gill plate and lift them out. Well, this pike was not close to done thrashing yet and whipped its head sideways and produced 5 or 6 evenly spaced slices into the tip of my middle finger from the interior of its razor-sharp gill plate. Bled like crazy and took a couple of weeks to heal. I love to tell that war story  and even started a joke that I invented a new style of fishing called " ICE NOODLING "   ::) ;D

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Thrashing esox + quick strike rids can be disastrous. I use a cut proof glove when targeting them on ice ;)

Redneck Fishfinder:
When I was a kid I got a new Mora 8" hand auger. The first day I was out with it I was walking with it swinging by my side and it sliced through my foot- like my shoe wasn't even there. That was a lesson learned. I left a trail coming off the ice. I still have that thing.

Other than a hook in my cold fingers I have been lucky..

Was up at LG with some buddies 2 years ago and we were out about 3 miles from PK in the middle of the lake one day 1 of 3 day trip.  My one buddy hooked the first laker of the trip and I started running towards him goofily with big exaggerated motions to help pull the 'ducer.  As soon as I was about to jump and slide on the ice to get to the hole, my foot slipped and my hammy popped, sending me sliding towards the ice auger blades.  Luckily I stopped in time, but i could not bend my left leg for next 3-5 days and I still have issues from that injury.

Also took a jigging rap treble to the inside of my finger knuckle losing a short walleye at the hole at Oneida, but luckily I pulled it back out as the shock was still ongoing so it was not as bad as it could have been.   

Was following a buddy testing new ice with a spud bar. This sent ice chips flying everywhere making the surface slick as snot on the clear as glass ice. I was wearing my driving moccasins, and sure as heck, my feet went out from under me, hitting my head, and rendering me unconscious. I guess I was out for a minute or two, and when I came to, my partner was freaking out wanting to call 911 for emergency services. I told him I was OK, and after about 20 minutes, I felt fine and fished the rest of the day.
(Note to self…ALWAYS wear cleats, especially on new glare ice!)


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