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Thanks for the great post Joe ! I have never been to either , but are close enough to Ind that itís been on my radar from the lack of ice here ! Happy New Year everyone & tight lines in 2022

fish fanatic jr:
As far as panfish go I would say mitchell is.  He made a great write up.  Mitchell is really easy to fish one you find weeds.  I tell everyone you have to fish in the weeds not above or edges.  most the time the only way I know for sure where my lure is in the weeds is because a big red blob comes in and fish on.
--- Quote from: aacosta on Dec 31, 2021, 04:08 PM ---Which has better walleye and panfish opportunities? Friend has a cabin on missaukee, heard the fishing there is hit or miss. Be up the 15th. Thanks

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Any update on ice conditions on Mitchell and Cadillac? Are people using machines out there yet? Thanks in advance!

Machines all over both lakes... Maybe not trucks yet though

I know this is an old thread but Iím looking to make the drive out there tomorrow, but unsure of parking spots. Do you know where I can park?
--- Quote from: Doeslayer on Jan 27, 2022, 09:56 AM ---Machines all over both lakes... Maybe not trucks yet though

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