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Joe in T.C.:
Drove by lakes Cadillac and Mitchell today.
I was told 5" of ice but I did not check it.
I saw one snowmobile on the lake but there is not much snow anywhere.
Here is what I saw:

Kenwood Park

The Causeway

Mitchell State park

By Thirsty's party store

Little Cove

Big Cove

If you are not familiar with Lake Cadillac or Mitchell here are some tips:

Both lakes are great for ice fishing and you will want to move around as needed.

Primary targets:
Pike: someone gets a 40"+ pike every year, but  20 to low mid 30's are more likely.
Crappie: A mess of 7 to 10" fish is realistic with a chance at a 16" is not unheard of.
Gills and Pannies: Some real nice ones mixed in with the crappies.
Perch: Getting better every year. used to only be little ones now a nice catch of 7 to 10" is realistic with an occasional 11 or 12 in the mix.
Walleye: Great and getting better. Good eaters are common with some 5 to 8 pounders caught as well.

A few areas to try are Little Cove, Big Cove, The Cause Way, Thirsty's, Kenwood Park, Blind Island, The City Dock, Four Winns, and the Slabs.
What area is hot will vary from day to day. Checking with Pilgrims village is highly recomended, they know what's hot and have lake maps to get you pointed in the right direction.
They also cover all your bait and tackle needs and also rent cottages and have hotel rooms as well.
Open 7 am to 7 pm 7 days a week

Other anglers will also help you out most of the time. with one exception.....
Walleye. People tend to be a bit tight-lipped on how or where to catch ole marble eyes.

Good Luck All! :tipup:

Joe you are the man!!! I say it every year.... Excited for the next skegemog post

Which has better walleye and panfish opportunities? Friend has a cabin on missaukee, heard the fishing there is hit or miss. Be up the 15th. Thanks

Just got back from Mitchell about an hour ago. 2nd time this season actually. Little Cove has 4-5" solid ice. Even a snowmobile was on it. Dumb @&& ::). Lots of guys out there. Anyway, never limited out either time. Marked 'em alright but tight lipped. The ones I did catch were nice. Mix of Gills and Crappie. Caught 1 sub legal Pike on my homemade Auto Fisherman. At least I know it works.  ;D. That's about it. Good luck if you go.

In my experience.... Mitchell i seem to catch more fish.... Cadillac i catch bigger fish...maybe thats just my luck... Missaukee i used to do really good.... Then i guess they killed off the weeds and its been much tougher... Im sure the fish are still there but idk where


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