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moonshine jigging minnow


I had a pike come in chasing a spoon I was using for panfish. I watched him on camera. I tried a Rapala and a larger spoon but he wouldn't bite. after about a half hour where I hadn't seen him I dropped a charged moonshine jigging minnow. He nailed it immediately. Not sure if that will continue but for those looking to get some on the rod it might be worth checking out.

I've got a box of "swimmers" dying to be pike destroyed. #9 Jigging Raps, #3 Shiver Minnows, the largest Phantom Tilly (love the profile), a handful of of airplane jigs and a new one to try out for this year from Shark -

I've done OK from time to time jigging lipless rattlers but a little reading has got me believing that a lure that goes horizontal AND vertical is superior to a 2 dimensional presentation.

Sometimes, what triggers a bite can vary for some fish.

Some want the forward darting action.  Some like the fluttering fall.  Some like the rising lure chase. etc...


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