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Hey everyone.

I have some custom ice rods that are designed for pike and I love them. But I got a group of friends and family that I have to outfit for an ice fishing trip.

I like a longer rod for pike, something in the 32”+ range. I fish these rods on a flag system mostly so won’t be doing to much jigging.

Price range is that 40-70 range.


Stay safe

i have a few of the HT polar golds and really like them but they dont make them in a  32+

these would probably work well for pike too.

leaves a nice portion of the money for a reel which i think is more important.

Check out the Jason Mitchell Mackinaw Series of rods from Clam. these might fit the bill for you.

Ugly Stick Dock Runner 36" M

They may come in a combo but junk the reels and put on a better reel then you're set.  Cheap at $15.

Esox fisherman:
Ugly stik gx2 ice rod with a pflueger trion 25


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