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Safe ice threw ice pictures!


I decided to do a post on ice safety for safe  ice what it looks like and what unsafe ice looks like.. so please post your picture here of bolth..  explaining what's going on with the ice and give examples how to read it... as soon as the season gets closer I will for sure have more pictures and I am hopping..  so will you .. so if you have good example pictures laying around right now  please post them up..  and please enjoy thd discussion about the  ice safety..

Here is a good one from last year. Biggest spider hole Ive ever seen. Ice all around it was 12 but it was barely 2 where it froze over. Caused by warm temps and rain a few days earlier. As more water ran into it, it opened up bigger and bigger. Then we had a hard freeze and it iced over.

Very nice ruttnutt I had a few pictures of pressure cracks from lake erie last year.. but I must have trashed them cause there not in my photo folder any more.. those spider cracks open up and when cross them it's dangerous kinda like pressure cracks I have seen people fall threw pressure Crack have seen slabs bigger then a mile across break off on the wrong  wind direction cause of pressure cracks ..
Even seen on warm day guizer from a presure Crack when it opened up.. also seen the ice surface flood on pressure Crack opening up..  I will get photo later.. 


   Unsafe, honeycombed ice !!!


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