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Braided line for Pike leaders

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I have been fishing for Pike in my area for a long time, we used to use English hooks when I was a kid, bit they don't seem to produce like they used to. I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on braided line leaders?

Braid is the worst material you can use for a leader. It has poor abrasion resistance and will cut you to the bone if a big fish takes off while you're holding the line.

Well thank you. Do you have reccomendation?

Heavy floro 60lb+ or steel.

I agree, I don't know why anyone would ever use superbraid on a tip up at all. As a mainline it will cut you to the bone, as a leader it is the most likely to get cut off. 10# mono or fluoro vs 10# superbraid, the mono is much more tooth resistant. Not to mention, the braid is just as visible as steel, so you might as well use steel. For about 4 years now I have been running a mix of fluoro and steel leaders summer and winter. 3 years ago I even spent the whole year just fluoro. The past couple years I have been running about a 50% mix, but I am just not seeing any increase with fluoro leaders. I have been keeping a journal, and pike in my area are just as likely to hit a rig with steel leader as they are for a fluoro. I run 15#-20# Cortland Toothy Critter coated wire, and 50 pound cabelas (seaguar) fluorocarbon. I have had 4 bite offs on the 50 pound fluorocarbon, but one was most likely wrapped around something sharp. The other 3 are most likely pike teeth. Still, that's maybe a bite off every 75 fish or so. I've never lost a fish on steel leader. Google can't find an "English" hook. Some pictures of a kahle hook show up, is that it? A big kahle hook is good for small bait, but bait over 6" (what big pike prefer), a quickstrike is better, or at least a circle hook.


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