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BOSTON - Massachusetts Environmental Police are reminding hunters not to shoot themselves.

An obvious reminder? Maybe. But according to a Facebook post from the agency, a hunter trying to determine ice thickness with the butt of his rifle on Saturday ended up accidentally shooting himself in the chest.

Environmental police say the muzzleloader rifle was loaded and shot the hunter in the chest while the person was testing the surface of the ice.

First-responders were able to stabilize the hunter and minimize blood loss.

Environmental police used the story as a reminder to maintain control over the muzzle of your rifle at all times and keep it pointed in a safe direction.

"A safe direction means that, in the event the firearm discharges, it will not cause injury or damage," the agency wrote in the post.

Dang ! An attempt to thin the gene pool.      :cookoo:

Good rule is ~ Treat every weapon as though a projectile is on it's way out the barrel at all times.     Perfect safety is the result of that mind-set.     :angel

I hope he can blame that on alcohol because I don't anybody is that stupid sober.

Wow.. Can't believe people really do dumb stiff like this

You would not believe the stupid crap I see during wilderness SAR. Muzzleloader dude is pretty tame some stuff I've seen.


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