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Please wear the right gear please read for your safety

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Last year here in NH, like many other areas of the country, we had a horrible year for ice. We have the Meredith Rotary Ice Fishing Derby which is the largest participated fishing derby in the Northeast- possibly the country- with approximately 25k entrants. Lots of talk of cancelling due to bad ice, people are going to fall through the thin ice and die, etc. Turned out there was only one death that weekend and it was on solid ice. A middle aged man slipped and fell and hit his head. So yes, do not underestimate the danger of being on slippery ice!

I use the micro spikes that cover the entire bottom of the boot. I would like to point out from first hand experience that with certain snow conditions these things can become useless in a big hurry and the bottom of your foot will become literally a giant snowball making the spikes useless. Its happened to me a few times especially on glare ice and its starts to snow, that soft powdery sticky stuff just adheres right to them. Its very easy to fall when this happens. I'm speaking from experience. What I do a lot of the time is take my ice scoop and slap the bottom of the boot, kind of like a BB player does with his bad to clean his cleats. It works very well, just an idea.  Also I can say being an operating room nurse a Subdural hemorrhage is very bad. Be safe out there.

It may not have been clear in my previous post but that was back  in 08 i just wanted to reiterate for everyone safety

Happened to me also while wearing the old toe cleats. All of a sudden you're on your back looking up at the sky wondering what the heck happened. Nasty blunt force trauma but didn't concuss like some of you guys did. I was out cold for a while I think. Spent the money for Kahtoola ice spikes and they're the best investment I've made in ice fishing health since the power auger.

SOME OF The guys on here that are members of another forum will remember when this happened it was damn scary


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