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Fishhook Removal ! (from your body)

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     See the video how-to here:       YouTube


Thanks for beginning everyone's day with bit of gruesome stuff!  ;)2

I'm no stranger to those sort of mishaps. Big fish, big lures, lots of excitement and an equal amount of carelessness occasionally add up to disaster. Just one of those events:

I got this out with a helper and the string method. The video is a little off on that. You really need to press down farther up on the shank of the hook to disengage that barb from the wound channel. Done properly it literally slips right out without even stretching the skin.

The singular trip to the ER, when I didn't have a helper and the angle was too far from being able to push through, used another method. The Dr. took a hypodermic needle, went in the entry hole and tried to engage the barb with the hole in the needle. Done well it effectively extends the barb back out the wound channel and the hook slips right back out the way it went in. Moderately easy and relatively painless. I now carry a couple in the 1st aid kit in the boat and on the ice.

One last tip: If the hook is in such a way that pushing through is easier, go quickly. Too slow and you skin will stretch so much it makes it really difficult (watch the video, that's what it will look like). Go really fast and pop it all the way through in one quick motion and it's over with minimal pain.

I don't enjoy getting wired up so I'll not be jamming hooks in my arm (or anywhere else) on purpose but everyone should know how to take care of a mishap. A trip to the ER is around $500.

Let's be careful out there!

Yikes !  I'm thinkin' that's your hand, esox_xtm.    OUCH !    :sick:

That is a 'dated ' video.   Only a 'so-so'.     The string method is best.

So far, I've been lucky/immune, ha.    ;)2

A thousand pardons for spoiling breakfast. 

Ah,my hand? Affirmative! I believe that is event #2 out of #6.

String/line method rocks but you really need a partner you can trust or knows already or takes instructions very well.....

As far as spoiling breakfast? Not mine !  ;D I'm gonna bump this just to try to make someone else's day.....

Event #1: 6/0 treble driven into each hand with the middle treble still lodged in a 45" musky. Hooks were thru and thru so once I unshackled from the fish it was pretty easy....  ::)

Event #2" Ran my hand under the boat cover to retrieve a rigged rod to cast off the dock with. I found the rod... :%$#!: Had a great partner to help with 100# braid. EZPZ.

At least 4 more events saved for future enjoyment!

Stay tuned......

Ice Scratcher:
Holy smokes!

That dude is some sort of tough for real lol!

Just crazy...



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