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Clothing: floating vs sinking--what are your thoughts?

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--- Quote from: putback on Feb 04, 2019, 09:30 AM ---Thought it may be usefull to add an update to this. My Striker suit is now about 5 yrs old. Has had a lot of use and except for some minor scuff on the legs as good as new. Zippers, buttons, seams no faults period. Expensive at the time but well worth it. works out to less than $100 a year for comfort & security with no end in sight. For the suit that is! Looking like it'll be part of my estate!!!!!

--- End quote ---

I just purchased the Clam Ascent suit.... sure it was expensive , but I'm worth it!

Champlain Islander:
I just wanted to update my earlier post from last year. I am on year 2 with my striker Climate coat and bibs. I am happy to say it has held up extremely well and I fish almost every day all winter. From what I can see from my own experience and friends who have the same or other suits, that Striker Climate suit is the Cadillac of them all. I give it 5 stars.

EDIT: I am updating my post from 2019 and now it is 2022 and now my Striker Climate suit is on year 5. I pan fish most days and the suit gets a lot of hard use. I am happy to report it is still in great shape and still give it 5 stars. It is very warm and when spring comes I take out the zip in liners so it doesn't overheat me on late ice. It is a very well designed and built suit.


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