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going out tonight

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we'll see how the ice is but i am planning on it. Just wish that snow wouldve held off another day or so. oh well, i wll send a report of the conditions. be safe first icers.

Mule Skinner:
Post up ice conditions if ya can  ;)
I'd like to try Crispell or grass lake  Saturday if conditions permit.
There selling minnows at Knutson's, so somebody is getting on somewhere in our area  ???


pike hound:
Went out on the Gravel Pit in Jonesville on Wednesday and caught a 2.5 pound 17" bass on the tip up but no pike.  Had 3 good inches of ice in most spots but some spots looked iffy, but that was before all that snow was on the ice. I'm trying again tomorrow morning!

Hey Pike Hound,I used to fish a little lake in Jonesville but I can't remember the name,it was across the road from a private camp ground,and the c/g had a small 3 acre lake on it that we would get some crappies out of once in a while.It was in the Bunn Rd and Bacon Rd area....are you familiar with it?

pike hound:
there are a few lakes around there: South, middle, and north sand lakes. I've never fished them but I know they are good for panfish and have a buddy thats caught a couple 40's out of south sand. They are just west of Hillsdale but I'm not sure of a campground


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