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Houghton Lake's First Ice/Higgins as Well

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Okay guys, enough for the honeymoon phase, the fishing will start soon.  I'm currently in Texas, so it's up to you guys to give me a little fishin' fix.  What will you be doing (or are you doing) for these first few weeks of fishing this year? 

I'll bet Houghton Lake has quite a few on it this Morning.  Higgins will be a while, if it's like other Winters.  Higgins does not freeze as early. 

Greetings to everyone.  I am relatively new to the site.  I have a few posts on here from last year, and a few on MFF.com. 

Probably will try Portage in Jackson county and maybe a few lakes in the Oakland, Livingston, and Washtenaw county regions.  Hopefully we will hit Higgins in early February. (Weather permitting)

I know that Houghton is fishable right now and that Higgins will take some extra time, but is there any chance that Higgins might be fishable before Christmas?  I usually go for the smelt and perch, so I'm not talking about the center.  And how is the fishing along the south shore?  I usually fish the west and north ends, but am interested in the south as well. 

I have not been up in three weeks so I can't speak about the ice conditions.  I have done real well on very nice perch out from the South Higgins Lake State Park.  Couple times in the past two years.  I was in 32' or so.  Not too far to walk.  I'd be real careful of the ice.  I would be surprised if you could get out this early.  Even Christmas time would, I think be rare.


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