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OK I saw two guys out fishing off the south Shore this afternoon while coming home from work, I haven't made it out myself yet but the North shore never did open back up like the south.
Hopin I can get  out tomorrow and physically ck it, but am going Muzzleloader hunting Fri and Sat so not sure if I'll find the time before work at 2:00. Anyways be safe and check the ice first cause I Haven't. LOL


No sleds yet Steve, thats whats kinda holdin me back. What do they know that I dont??? LOL


Reel Wet Ride:
Slightly off topic, but I may be up there around the 1st of the year. I fished the sunken island / hump in the middle of the central western part of the lake last year. Caught a few hammerhandles, but that was it. You guys know if this is a decent place to fish for eyes or would I be wasting my time?


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