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Reel Wet Ride:
Looked back at some posts from last march talking about fishing with lights and someone asked if you could use glow sticks instead. Just wanted to say that I tried it on Higgins one night smelt fishing, results were marginal at best. Was it better than no light at all, maybe. But I can tell you that at that temp, the glow sticks glow very dim. Very, very, dim.

Anyone ever fish Mallory LK. near Pittsford, MI ? For a two week peroid it is THE BEST PANFISH LAKE I'VE EVER FISHED. When you can catch your limit in about an hour...I'd say thats a safe statement.

Reel Wet Ride,
  I live a couple of miles away from Mallory and I got some bad news for ya bud.
The DNR closed the public access about a month ago.  It's getting harder to find
a place to fish.  Go out to Oak Haven [3miles east of Hillsdale on m-34] to
Lakeshore Marine bait shop and Pat will fill ya in on where the fish are biting.
Best panfish action around.
  About the night lights go to Jamminjigs.com and get ya some neon glow jigs and a lure charger.  They kick ass.

Reel Wet Ride:
Go figure. They've been talking about shutting it down for the last 3 years or so. I doubt I'll make it back to the Dale that part of the year anyway. Before moving over here to K-zoo, Hillsdale was my home. If there's ice I'll probably get on 3rd  once or twice around X-mas. I'll have to stop into Lakeshore to buy my dad some jigs anyway. You ever fish Brazie <sp?> its behind the BP off US 12. It has its times, clean water, good tasting fish, very little fishing pressure. 

Hey Reel Wet Ride,
  Good to see a local on The Shanty.   I've never fished Brazie.  So many lakes
so little time.  I found a honey hole for monster specks on third last winter.  I
mostly panfish the lakes around Reading.  Long Lake in particular has alot of
'bullnosed Bluegills".  Good luck fishin' around Kzoo.  Can't wait to straghten my line out on a jumbo.


Reel Wet Ride:
Yeah, same to you Ted. I lived on Mud lake near North Adams. Or Adams lake if you look on a map. Either way. Its a good way to kill time in the winter, horrible place to fish if you want a mess of fish to clean. But the bluegills are big (bankers imports) and there are tons of crappie in that lake that makes for awsome spring fishing. If you bass fish at all, I'll get you out there in the spring.



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