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Fingerlakes Fisher:
Hey Mule Skinner.  I am coming up for the tournament.  It would be great if you could get a copuy of one of those maps and mail it to me.  Send me a personal message if you can get a copy and I will give my address.  Let me know how much I will owe you.  I appreciate it!

Hi fingerlakes, This half of the Marine team, we will see you on wamplers this winter, great times by one and all. The map you have from the dnr is close to the one you get from Knutson's. The sportsman publication book has a good map for 19.95 southeast michigan is good and a ton of other lakes is listed. If you are around Thursday evening come to Jerry's and warm up and we might have a brew, if they have some left. Either way Terry say's hi and Gog luck in the tournament, we will be there.

I got a map book several years back and I use it all winter on the bigger lakes.
It's full of all kinds of helpful info too.  It's called Fish Michigan 100 Southern
Michigan Lakes by Tom Huggler.  It says that you need a state parks sticker to get into Walter Hayes State Park and that the best winter fishing is in the weedbeds
especially in front of the channel leading to round Lake [in the park].  Don't be
too suprized if you only catch potato chip size gills as it gets overfished.


Fingerlakes Fisher:

I will definately see everyone for a beer at Jerry's on Thursday.  Hoping to leave Buffalo Wednesday night around midnight.  Only about a 5 hour trip for me.  I appreciate all of the help on the map issue.  Thanks everyone.  Later.

Kevin Jones

fingerlakes, when you get to Brooklyn, go to knutson,s bait they have maps there. or you can visit your local wal-mart or the equal and pick up South-eastern Michigan map books by Sportsman connection. If that doesn't work I will let you look at mine after the tourney


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