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Fingerlakes Fisher:

Anyone have a clue?  I have been racking my brain trying to find a good detailed map of Wamplers Lake in Brooklyn MI.  I can not or the life of me find a good nautical chart or contour map.  Any locals have a a map like this that they would like to sell copies of (even if I  have to tape the multiple pages together like a puzzle) or know an out of the way place that sells one?  A good one that can be printed can not be found on the Internet obviously because of printing problems and everything is distorted.  I have searched every website possible.  I do not mind paying a few bucks for one, just can't find one.  I have good maps of Lake Simcoe, All of Lake Erie, Central and Western NY, Thousand Islans Area, Salmon River and the Finger Lakes and am willing to trade.  Anyone have any ideas?

Not sure if you tried this site or not but I thought I'd try to help:


That DNR is pretty good it will show you all you need to know about lake contours. But you really need to prefish the lake some finding the good weeds is the key to fishing Wamplers.

Fingerlakes Fisher:
Thanks for the replies guys.  Fishdaddy- I have the dnr map and have been studying what I can.  I just cant read the depth numbers real well.  I am trying to put together a plan for the lake before I step foot on the ice.  It makes passing the time until we have ice more enjoyable.  I do this for all of the lakes I plan on fishing that season.  It is the next best thing to actually getting on the water.  Nothing like sitting around at the picnic table in August with an ice cold beer and trying to put old fishing articles and posts onto a lake map.  Any info always helps, especially on big water like Simcoe.   

Mule Skinner:

You comming up to fish in the Trap Attack contest this Winter ?
 I am a local and may be able to get a print out of that lake map if you still wan't it. Knutson's sells them. I'll be going up there in a few days and check on it for ya.


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