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Hey FishDaddy, you're kidding right? If not that's to bad that people feel the need to cheat. I wanted to go somewhere where I could take
my kids other than just taking them on the ice with me. I thought this would be interesting to them. Only bad thing is getting an out of state
fishing permit. Do you still think this would be worth while going to with kids?
Later Greg

Greg - If I may humbly offer a suggestion.  This is just my second year on the ice and I, too, am hoping to expose my two children to the sport more this year.  On Saturday the 21st of January, 2006, there is a Kid's Clinic that is going to be held in conjunction with the Michigan Super Trap Attack that is sponsered by Ice Team and Gander Mountain on Wampler's Lake here in Michigan.  I'm taking my children and we're going to be doing some of our own fishing that day too.  Just some food for thought.  Then, the following day, is the actual competition.  We might show up to observe but I'm not ready to compete quite yet.  Anyhow, thought I'd share that with you.

Andy - Detroit

Greg: yes people cheat like crazy at the tip-up, I have even heard of people stealing fish from the fish board. As far as taking the kids as I said I have never been to it so I don't know what they have for kids. The kids clinic is great for kids but if you live in Ft. Wayne it would be over 2 hour away for you. The day permit for MI is only $7 and kids under 17 don't pay. Why don't you just take them to one of your good spots that has easy access with the truck near by  and let them bring some other things like ice skates ect. with they if they get bored.

Hey Sleepac, I heard of the trap attack. I think this is a 4 or 5 event
deal in different states. The one in Michigan is around Brooklyn? Do they have a schedule of events? Also Fishdaddy, I have good fishing
spots in Indiana its just I thought it would be neat to go to some sort
of a ice fishing festival somewhere. Thanks guys!
Later Greg

Greg - Here's what I know:

*  1.21.05 - Kid's Clinic and that day serves as a practice day of fishing for those competing the next day
*  1.22.05 - Wamplers Lake - Brooklyn, Michigan
*  Launch Site - Hayes State Park
*  Species - Sunfish
*  Headquarters - Knutson's Recreational Sales - 164 Wamplers Lake Road - Brooklyn, Michigan

That's about all I have....keep an eye on the iceteam site!

Maybe we'll see you there!


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