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I will say this, anyone can tell the difference between a fresh fish and one that has been in the freezer or bath tub.  There is no mistaking them.  I will also admit that there are people that have nack for catching nice fish.  But with growing up around reading and seeing who has turned in what.  I can probably tell where most of them are caught.  The biggest thing about these tip-ups festivals is each has there own "designated" area to fish.  Quincy for example is the marble chain of lakes, both reding and hillsdale conservation are open to any lake in hillsdale county.  But when you look at the fish board and see the same names year to year, and knowing there background, none are honest to the board.  When it comes to the Reading Tip-up many of the fish turned in are from clear lake in Indiana.  I know the winnning pike at quincy last year was caught at clear also.  Saw it caught first hand, plus heard the guy say he was on his way to quincy.  I know truly that the board is suppose to be for show but for me it gets shadowed out because of the dishonesty that is brought to these competitions.

  Sounds like sour grapes to me.  There is no way to control what lake fish are
caught in that are entered in these contests but the people who run them do an
excellent job of sorting out fish that are brought in dead or have been swimming around in a pail.  True sportsmen follow the rules and there are a lot more of us
than there are of the dishonest people.  I love our sport and all of the good guys
who participate in these contests.  Congratulate the winners don't accuse them of
being cheaters.  Get out there and catch a contest winner of your own.


Sorry Ted but a cheater is a cheater everyone know the rules and some people will cheat just to win some money. I know that people keep fish in tanks to enter in the tip-up and i don't see anything to congradulate those people about.


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