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Does anyone have info on this festival such as phone # for info, date, or web site
for this event. I have been wanting to go for the last couple of years and have not
had the time to go. That is why I am planning ahead  so far. I think it is usually the second weekend of February. Any info would be great guys. I live in Fort Wayne.
Later Greg


Here's an old link from 2003....it appears they reserve the same weekend each year for this festival....crap, now I've got another one to put on the calendar!   :blink:

Thanks Sleepac!

Anytime, brutha!

I live on the coldwater chain and I have never gone to the tip-up. It is basicly won by the same people every year. They catch fish, keep them in a tank-auqurium till the contest and then turn them in. For the most part this contest is already won before it starts.


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