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Falling Through The Ice

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--- Quote from: mojofish on Feb 02, 2013, 08:14 AM ---I can't watch video because I'm on my blackberry. I have fallen through the ice when duck hunting. Waders filled up and it was bad.

I managed to get out. I was alone. I ran as best I could to my truck - weight doubled with. Flooded waders - and stripped down completely before getting into it. I started the engine put on a dry t-shirt and as soon as I had engine heat I drove home naked waste down.

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This is why i keep a change of clothes in my truck

I also keep a change of clothes in my truck. But weighing my options I raced home to a warm bath. Unlike doing a Polar Bear dive I was mentally not prepared and I believe it was to solid days before I got my core temperature up. I can get a chill thinking back on it.

Great video. I have seen it before but watched it again. Can never be to safe.

you should always keep a set of sweatpants and hoodie in ur truck/car at all times, year round cause u never know.  ALWAYS go on the ice w a set of picks around ur neck, no matter if there are trucks parked on the ice DONT LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THEM its not worth ur life.  I rarely fish solo and if I do I will never be the only guy on the ice alone, and its a great idea to carry a whistle attached to your ice suit.  fishing is serious to alot of us but its not worth ur life, drowning+freezing is a crappy way to die

Love the whistle idea. Great suggestion.


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