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For last seasons derby I made magnets with a Team IceShanty New Jersey Chapter logo I created. For this years derby I was thinking of having sweatshirts made up with the logo on it. The logo will be applied via silk screening - not iron on. The sweatshirts will be Hanes, Jerzes or Gildan heavyweight ash grey and to keep it simple I would order one size ... XL.
For this to work I have to make a minimum order so I need to know who would want them and how many. The quote I recieved would put the price at $24.00 a piece. I would have to place the order by the end of the week.

                                 If you're interested please reply ........ thank you.


I would be interested in a sweat shirt! Forestfirefighter

I could spring for one,,,,what about the color and the design,  black on white perhaps??      J.

Im in for 2

I should add in that this is probably going to be a one time deal .... this year only. Also the prices aren't final ... the more we order the cheaper it is !

As for color ...... black on an ash grey sweatshirt.


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