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Lets see some pics on ice NWT guys. You gotta be close to getting on. Give us something to drool over. Please :bow:

I'm still waiting a bit as it's been warmer than usual so ice has been slow to form for us in Yellowknife.
A lot of our lakes had 2" to 4" of ice on them, and then we had a foot and a half of snow!!! There is tons of overflow on those lakes now, plus the snow is insulating it making ice form more slowly.  >:(
I may head out this weekend for a few hours (after this weeks ice thickness report comes out).
I'm really not looking forward to walking through knee deep slush though.  :'(
Maybe it won't be that bad (:pray:).

Definately play safe bud. Ice seems to be forming slow everywhere :-\

Whitefish Slayer:
We were up in the helicopter last week and you could see HUGE HUGE holes on the ice where the water has been pushed up through from the snw weight.. lots of grey snow which means SLUSH....  We gotta get rid of some of this snow before it's tightens well.. it's been -20 here in Simpson the last week.. so surely that would of helped some!!

Won't be long now

Were on here in north central BC on smaller lakes. Condolences guys ;)


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