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 Lets see some action here . I would like to see some fish get contributed to the tourney from here . I know you have some of the best rainbow waters in the world in this province and I sure would hate to have to lose this category to our friends south of the border .
  Goodluck to you all and I hope us eastern Canucks don't have to hold up your end . LOL
   Remember we use Crappies and Gills for bait and don't use little iceholes . ;D

I will not be fishing in the tourney this year. I didn't register early enough as was away in Alberta practicing perch fishing. Didn't have access to computor and when I returned home it was too late. Good luck though trapper. I will post some of my pics of some big bows as will be fishing lots for big fish in March and April.
Plan on going to favorite big rainbow lake to catch 10-18lbers in March. Depends on the ice being good all the way (37 miles).
I will be tied up fishing for small fish for the next 6 weeks. (I will tell you more after March 1)

Josephs Prairie:
What tourney are you talking about Trapperdirk?

I think he is talking about the Ice Shanty Tourney JP.

Josephs Prairie:
Never heard of one! You think they would post this stuff to the members. Or do they? I didn't know there was one at all.


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