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Ice Gido:
Thanks for the info BCSmits.  Makes sense, we normally find that less bait is better.  Next time I'm on the Ice I will give that a try.  It may be a while as right now we are in a bit of a draught, the weather has warmed up and the ice is the pits - need a boat not an auger.  The weatherman said we are supposed to be getting some colder weather this coming week.   We're keeping our fingers crossed and hoping. I will keep you posted

Thanks for the info guys. I was in Edmonton yesterday and bought some GULP immitation worms. Thought they would be good as look like a big blood worm.
Hope your getting that cold weather you wanted Ice Gido. When I arrived home in Prince George this evening it is -33C.

Ice Gido:
Hey Terrygonefishing nice to have you back.  It's a balmy -14C with a windchill of -30C here in Terrace. This cold weather is a blessing, now we will have some water to walk on. Looking forward to going out, probably won't be till the weekend though.  BCSmits idea sounds good, intend on trying it next time I'm out.  I'm hoping it works because it will make an easy bait for the grandkids.

Any word yet on fishing tournaments at West Lake?

Yea they are not having one this year. Apparently the old fellows don't want to run it anymore as too much work and the young fellows are lazy. They wanted me to run it but am very busy this year so no free time as back and forth between Edmonton and here. Man it was cold in Edmonton a few days ago. Somewhere around -50C with the windchill. Good luck.


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