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Josephs Prairie:
Hey Terry,
We don't ususally give away cash because we do these to raise money for charity or repair something at the aerie(club). But so far (my 7th annual this year) everyone has gone home with a prize or two. Prizes consist of anything from gift certificates to tackle and gear to housewares, etc. All prizes are donated by local merchants from Cranbrook ranging in worth from $5 - $100. Plus, lunch is included on the ice (hamburgers and hotdogs, etc) all this for $5. Everyone has a great time.

Sounds like fun. Please let me know when it is. ;)

Josephs Prairie:
Like I said in one of the posts above Terry, it is on January 18th 2004 on Mineral Lake 20 min. south of Cranbrook.

Will be traveling to Edmonton that day to take a perch ice fishing course on the 19th. Any more that you know about JP. I will be going to the Pigeon Lake Derby in Edmonton on Feb 21st. Thanks

Josephs Prairie:
There is one on Moyie Lake on the first Saturday in February. It is always a good time and good food afterwards in the Pub. I am going to the derby on Pigeon as well with two buddy's, we have a cabn on the lake so it should be great fun. Maybe I will run into you.


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