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Ice Update 12-8-2003

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Had an early day at work, drove around the lake to look around. We had a good glazing last night as the temps were down into the teens, but still not remotely safe to fish on. Some areas in the main lake had patcy thin ice, but mostly open water still. Marsh run finally glazed across in some spots. Yesterday, ice in these areas were not there! Supposed to be in low 20's the next few nights, but above freezing for the next 2 days during the day,until a cold front hits again. Ive added a pic I took at Marsh Run Cove shortly ago. Hope it works.


Great picture, and thanks for taking the time to post it. I check the Deep Creek Times webcam after sunrise each morning to check for progress.
Looks like the webcam shoots a more exposed portion of the lake.


That cam is close to the 219 bridge on lake shore drive. Is shoot a pic of the main lake there going towards the dam. Usally that area freezes later than the rest of the lake (depending on winds). Seems like the main lake is always getting lapped by waves.

Thanks for posting FDC. GREAT PIC. ;D I hope the rain that is supposed to hit us hard does not hit the lake too much. It is a bit colder out your way so it may not due as much damage. Is another cold front supposed to sweep in?

Well the bad news is that the ice you see in the pic is all gone already, rain has just got here (was melted before then) however, A cold fron is coming Thurday afternoon, with Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays high only in the low 20's, lows in teens, so hopefully it give it a boost again. The water is probably close to freezing already, so who knows what will happen.


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