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Kuenro02    I have a 1/2" foam mat in my gut. Works great for noise and I think it's a bit warmer also. No matter what I do I seam to get snow or water in the bottom and it always gos to the recesses. My shop is heated and everything drys out fast except the water that's under the foam. I have it so I can set everything out and lift the foam out so everything can dry. Works great for me. Good luck

i have a non insulated clam voyager that i was considering putting reflectix in like some have, but didn't like how it looked in the pics on here. looked like it didn't seem to be supple enough to fold with the cover the way i would like it. so i was pondering how or what else to use while in bed just before i got up to go fishing early when it came to me. i was sleeping under my solution! my blanket was just perfect! later in the day when i got back i went to the local stores to look for a blanket that would work. found several at my local family dollar for a total of @ 60 bucks. put them in between the cover and poles, attatched them together and to the poles, using zip ties for now(i know,crude!) to be sewed together later. man was it warm in there and it folds up just how i wanted it to. did add a little wht. but after i get it all sewed up(or rather my wife, as she's the one with the sewing business!) i'll really put it to the  test next season when we hopefully get some really cold weather to make ice! oh, sorry no pics!


--- Quote from: borg0196 on Jan 17, 2017, 03:37 PM ---Finally started getting everything organized in the sled. I will try to post some pictures.

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HAWG Outdoor lights are amazing, cheap, and come with everything you need. They are waterproof, come with mounting straps, and are ready to hook up to your battery.

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Mounted the tank holder, holds 4 1# tanks.

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Shelves are in and fit great. I saw these on here and modified them a bit. Added cup holders and foam for hooks. I used another piece of wood underneath to help support. I also added the center console, and mounted a second battery holder underneath for the lights. Console can hold a battery that will charge my electronics separately.

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Shelf for the other side.

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might be good idea round those shelf corners.  avoid poking hole in cloth

Great info


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