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does anybody know how to get past page 4.... 1-27 the fish trap tips..would like to find all the missing info. from 1-27--05 to present... ???

otter makes a nice rod holder also
all you need to do is drill 2 holes[all hardware included]
got mine at Cabelas for $ 12 :tipup:

Dave C:
Want to let everyone know that my idea of using medium size binder clips (rather than the supplied screws) to hold the tent onto the sled has worked great. No slippage in the tent from wind or use. I have loaded the tent into my pickup many times this winter and the binder clips have held fast. Also, no rust so far. So, this spring I will pop the clips off, take the tent off and store inside and store the tent in my shed. No mouse prroblems eating holes in the fabric. If anyone else has tried it, let me know how they worked for you.

do you put the cover on when pulling behind a quad or snowmobile every time you move...I read and I believe it was in this thread what is the best way to put the cover on...with all the clothes on and being 67 it begins to be pain...thinking about mud flaps on the back of the quad....any help would be appr. thanks... ;) ;)


--- Quote from: LoneWolf on Jan 11, 2007, 05:36 PM ---It's hard recreating all the tips but here's another for rod holders.

I wanted a rod holder to keep the rod within easy reach and easily detachable. The one I found and liked the best was Outdoor Creations Hot Rod Holder. Here's some pics :

(Image removed from quote.)
Mounted with rods.

(Image removed from quote.)
Close up of holder.

--- End quote ---
hello lonewolf I think these are your pics the rod holders look great where did you find them I looked at the usual places but no luck I'm gonna try to search the manu.


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