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Someone had removed my original thread (from Oct 27, 2004) full of usefull info so I'll start over again.
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Last season I recieved a few PM's asking advise on rigging the Fish Traps. Yesterday I recieved an e-mail with a few questions so I figured I would start a post with some tips and hopefully others will add to it. ;D

1)Instead of tying the pull rope thru the holes I added SS eye bolts and SS fender washers.
2)On the rear I did the same (SS eye bolts, fender washers) for a tie down point for my anchors on windy days. I use brass snap connectors tied to the end of the anchor ropes for a quick connect/disconnect.

Yesterdays questions were regarding the transport of an auger on the Fish Trap. Years ago I learned the hard way how much oil drips out the exhaust and stains the tent. I came up with two solutions which work when combined. The first was to switch to Opti 2 oil. Reduced the smoke, less oil dripping from the exhaust and revs higher. The second was to get a gym bag with two zippers that just fit over the power head. I slip the bag over the power head and pull the zippers and the dripping is contained. At the end of each season I wash it and I'm good to go next season. One extra tip is to keep the blade cover on the auger when transporting. Here are a few pic's :


It's hard recreating all the tips but here's another for rod holders.

I wanted a rod holder to keep the rod within easy reach and easily detachable. The one I found and liked the best was Outdoor Creations Hot Rod Holder. Here's some pics :

Mounted with rods.

Close up of holder.

Lonewolf, I'm new here and I found your tips to be very helpful, then they disappeared. I finally found them in the archives at



They weren't even there a week ago. IceShanty retrieved them and restored them to the archives.
I had recieved many PM's asking where the thread was as members wanted use the many tips from other members, mods and myself.
I'm still looking into who had removed it.

Thanks for getting this thread back on top. I just bought a Scout and the tips will be gratefully appreciated. ;D ;D ;D


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