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Hello fellow BCer's

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Josephs Prairie:
Hi Terrygonefishing,
We have many lakes frozen already, and not just the high ones. All the small lakes can be fished and it will probably be the middle of December before I can fish the big ones. We had a bit of snow but it rained and warmed up one day and it was gone. But it is cold again so the ice should be in good shape if I ever get some time to get out.

See you on the ice!

Hi Josephs
Got out this year on Oct 22. Earliest ever I have been on ice. Now local lakes around here are all iced except some of the big ones.
Stay safe

Ice Gido:
Hi Josephs Prairie. I'm new to the forum scene and was just checking out your message.  I'm located in the opposite corner of the Province, Terrace, and I thoroughly enjoy my hardwater fishing.  My first day on the ice this year was Nov. 9th (earliest ever).  The small lakes had 2.5 inches of ice and the fishing was incredible.

My buddy and I usually try to make one "extended" (out of our normal 2 hour travel limit) ice fishing trip each year.  This year we are entertaining the idea of targeting Burbot for the first time.  In your posting, you mentioned that you fish for Burbot. Could you help me out and share some of your wisdom on Burbot? I don't know a thing about Burbot fishing, so I'm looking for the what, where, when, why & how.

Always fishing, IG.

Hello to all BC fishermen, and to Joseph's Prairie in particular, who inspired me to write to my first forum of any kind, for the most part because he's close to home.  I'm from close to Invermere which is also in the East Kootenays, and I'm looking forward to finding out how informative this site can be, I can certainly see the potential!  I'm new to forums, but not new to fishing.  This year's first expedition on ice was Dec. 03, nicest fish of the day was a beauty 17" rainbow.  Looking forward to next time.

hey i am in williams lake and just came here for shack tips but this looks like a pretty cool place to stop,shoot the crap,and have a cold one as well.If u or anyone has any portable shack plans that r light and easy to set up i would appreciate the tips.I like to hit many lakes in a day if that's what it takes to catch supper.Thanks to any tips


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