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Josephs Prairie:
Just thought I would introduce myself. I am from Cranbrook, B.C. it is in the Southeast corner of BC called the East Kootenay's. I heard about this site from a couple guys talking on the web site I moderate called It too is a fishing web site, where I moderate the Ice Fishing forum. I thought I would check this Ice Shanty out because I am an avid hard water fisherman. I fish for just about every fish we have in the East Kootenay's like, the many species of Trout, Bass, Perch, Ling (Burbot), Kokanee, and Char (Dollies).
I probably spend more time on the ice than I do in my boat. I find it is more social out ice fishing and enjoy meeting and talking with others on the ice, maybe having a hot toddy or beer or two with them makes it more fun.

See you on the ice!

Joe, welcome to the club.This is a great place to meet folks that love icefishing.Hope you have  a great season this year.And hope to hear from you during the season with some fish stories.Good luck and welcome.

Welcome to a great side and a great bunch of guys and girls.  This site will really be jumping in a month or so.  ;D

Heh Josephs Prairie. Nice to see a fellow BCer on this site. Not many of us out there. Maybe for river fishing but sad that we have some of the best fishing in the world and you mention icefishing around here, people think you are a bit nuts. I'm from Cluculz lake west of Prince George about 45 minutes. Was on the ice last week. Are you on any high altitute lakes yet? Anyway welcome.   :)

welcome from the Wisconsin chapter of the goatboy's. I know you will learn to love this site as the season progresses. the info that can be had here is unlimited.Enjoy and again, welcome.


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