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Here is hoping that all our shanty members in B.C. are safe from the fires that are ravaging their beautiful province.

Thanks himo1123. Fishing was so bad the other day cause I couldn't see the water I was casting into from all the thick smoke on the river. The salmon fishing has been great this year though. You don't even have to smoke the salmon cause it is already done. Just kidding. I'm from northern B.C. and things have been OK up here. Cousin lives in Kelowna and he has been evacuated twice. I keep telling him to move up here to gods country with all our beautiful rivers, grizzlies, moose, elk, bison, and loads of fish to play with in summer and winter. NO he keeps telling me he LOVES the heat. Is that hot enough for you yet cousin??? I firmly believe that this is a sign of things to come. Global warming is happening and it is only going to get worse, possibly not next year cause scorched ground is hard to burn a second time.But the years after, watch out.

hey, no problem terry. just stay safe. what will it take to get him to move north. the scenery and wildlife would be more than enough for me.

He likes the scenery at the beaches there and as for the wildlife, he prefers the 2 legged variety. He is still young (26) and I hope he will come to his senses one day and settle down. No one at some beaches now due to heavy ash (no ass) content. I wonder how all the scorched nipples look now heh???

Josephs Prairie:
Sorry I am late getting this posted. We had lots of people evacuated from there homes here in Cranbrook and surronding area's. But we didn't lose any houses in our region, except half of somebodys dock at Monroe lake. All is well now.


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