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Quick removal of flip over shack fabric??

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--- Quote from: hardwater diehard on Oct 06, 2022, 05:45 AM ---I have the Eskimo Sierra that I purchased last season ..I did not put the screws through the trim lock/sled ..for the most part the trim lock stayed in place all season end was finiky but I checked it each outing and fixed when needed.

Maybe some small eyelets for the fabric and some automotive clips on the the sled lip .

I hadn't thought about the push-in style fasteners.  I actually have a lot of those - I needed a couple for my Polaris Ranger and bought 100 or something like that on Amazon.

It's encouraging to hear your trim pc stayed on pretty well.  Perhaps I could get away with a very limited number of screws (3-4).  You also gave me another idea of using a small screw clamp.  Similar to link below but preferably something with a flush mounted set screw instead of the screw hanging out.
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Seen someone use binder clips before, don't remember how that worked out.


--- Quote from: T-Hawker on Oct 05, 2022, 08:29 PM ---I am picking up a new Eskimo Eskape 2600 2 man flip over shelter in a couple of days.  My only prior flip over (which I still have) is a Clam Kenai Pro Thermal.  Despite doing the dryer sheet trick, mice did chew a small hole in my Clam shelter fabric during the off season a couple of years ago.  It bugs me and I want to avoid that issue with the new Eskimo.

I am not sure but I'm assuming the Eskape 2600 fabric screws to the sled in essentially the same way as the Clam meaning there are not pre-made holes in the fabric and you just screw through the fabric and into the sled.

I'd like to remove the fabric during each off season and store it in a bin in my basement but I don't want to turn the fabric and/or the sled into swiss cheese by potentially putting new screw holes in the fabric and/or the sled each fall when I put the fabric back on the sled.

Use a finishing nail in vise grips heated with torch  and poke thru fabric and sled at same time works good

In an ideal world there would be small grommets in the fabric and bolts with nyloc nuts to hold the fabric in place.  I get this would be costly and require pretty tight tolerances so it's cost prohibitive for manufacturing.

Curious if anyone has any tricks about how to do this?

I've toyed with putting buckles and snaps on like a boat canvas but not sure how well that would work.  Also thought about Velcro but you'd have to sew it to the fabric and it likely wouldn't stick all season with adhesive on the sled.

Other idea if I could bring myself to do it would be to melt holes with a soldering gun through the fabric and use washers under the screws.  At least with a hole in the fabric, a guy could eyeball the corresponding screw hole in the sled and not make new sets of holes in either item.

I welcome your thoughts.

Tomahawk, WI - should get below freezing tomorrow night - even though it's usually late Nov / early Dec before we have fishable ice, it's still nice to get that "bite" in the air.

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hardwater diehard:
My old HT Polar 1 man had grommets in the tent and holes in the tub and used a braided nylon rope and shoe laced to attach the tent to the tub . I never had and issue has to be 20 years now

About the 1:00 mark talks about his experience with the lack of screws


--- Quote from: hardwater diehard on Oct 06, 2022, 05:45 AM ---
Maybe some small eyelets for the fabric and some automotive clips on the the sled lip .

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If you look at the ice runner flipovers, they use this exact method of attaching the fabric to the sled.

I'm not sure how they take up extra material for nice tight fit, which I am thinking is the reason other companies use the screws and trim. Would be nice if a feature could be designed into the mold on the sled, on the rear lip to make the trim piece "lock" into it so the screws wouldn't be needed. Or maybe a feature that allows the use of some kind of clamp or cam lock. I tried to go without the screws a couple times before and it's usually OK for a season or two, just takes one windy day where it pulls out and I attach it for good.


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